The healthcare sector is in a period of unparalleled challenge and promise.    Decades of public sector investment in the basic sciences has resulted in an expansive increase in our understanding of disease biology.  As such, scores of potentially paradigm-shifting technologies are emerging from the academic medical enterprise, from genomics-enabling precision medicine,  to stem cells, to medical technology and to the medical applications on mobile devices.  As exciting as these developments are, it is entirely unclear if the ecosystem into which these transformational technologies are emerging can ultimately support the development work necessary for them to reach the patient.  The challenges are immense and transcend sector tinkering or incremental response from the life science communities. For these diverse, innovative devices and medicines to impact patients and deliver a return on investment to the public, they will necessarily pass through the regulatory bodies responsible for ensuring that new products are safe and effective.

The Virginia Center for Translational and Regulatory Sciences (VCTRS) will seek to address the challenges to the health care funding and delivery models by:

  1. Providing unique, cutting-edge educational offerings to enable scientists, physicians, medical technologists, engineers and medical trainees to be versed in the processes that enable emerging innovations to reach clinical testing and beyond
  2. Facilitating the exchange of information and expertise between research and clinical thought-leadership and regulators in the hopes of supporting the Agency’s mission to nimbly regulate innovative new therapies
  3. Leveraging the Center’s expertise directly in the immediate support for advancing innovative new products and ideas through regulatory strategy and entrepreneurship


VCTRS was founded in Spring 2013 and is based in the Public Health Sciences Department at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  The Center plans to grow to include up to ?? full time Faculty members in addition to affiliated UVA Faculty across Grounds.